Friday, October 28, 2011

Art Outside Recap

  I wanted to share my set up of my paintings that I created for Art Outside:

   There were many challenging technical issues that had to be dealt with as they came up-from 20 mph wind gusts that kept making my canopy collapse, to lighting problems---so thank full to our awesome neighbors that loaned me their extension cord so I could reach the power grid and light up my art! Then a deluge of rain!  Unfortunately-- I had to pack up my paintings early due to the impending storm that was on its way to the area. 
   The amazing encounters I had with everyone that took time to look were priceless. Seeing all the people, art and effort that goes into such a special and unique event was magical.

This sculpture was amazing under the moon! My cell phone camera does not do it justice..
                          And where else could I see a giant white snake slither by?

 I was not able to take as many pictures as I liked check out the Art Outside Facebook for links to more photos of the event! ~ <3