Tuesday, September 1, 2015

World Art Drop Day

It was my first time participating in World Art Drop Day... The first Tuesday of every September all artists everywhere can participate by making a piece of art and then dropping it off somewhere with clues of its whereabouts by posting photos of the art and location with the hashtags #artdropday on social media.  The lucky finder is asked to post a pic with the art found or a seflie with the art if they choose with the worldartdropday hashtag.  There was actually a form that you were supposed to print out that had these directions to attach to the art, but alas I found that out a little bit late. I had really left it vague, I just wrote my name and a blank title on the back, the title was up to whoever found the piece.    

 I was excited about the serendiptiousness of having a spontaneous connection with a stranger through art.  I made the piece the day before and set out with my trusty basset hound on a walk to the nearby park to scout out a perfect hiding place. The original location I had intended was a covered patio seating area with benches, but there was no where to really conceal my piece, so I walked around a bit and spotted a small boulder by the sidewalk. There was an opening there so I stuck my piece in, so it was completely hidden. Then the following morning I posted the following on my facebook and instagram...

I created this little mixed media piece for World Art Drop Day, she's all yours if you find her! Here are some clues to where she is hidden! Please post if you find her! *hint--Remember you don't want to be living under one of these if you want to stay informed! tongue emoticon NW side off Mystic Park, SATX If found post a pic or selfie with the art with the hashtags! Happy hunting! ‪#‎artdropday‬ ‪#‎SSAartdrop2015‬

Later in the day I had a post of a seeker! They were there at the park, looking. They finally found the exact location, and then...nothing...it was already gone...??  I hope she made it to a good home, but that is not for me to know...This was an interesting lesson in putting things out there and letting them go and ceasing attachment...especially in this overly every second documented social media crazy age we live in...but still, if someone out there reading did find my artpiece, post a selfie with it! :P 
with <3---~~~~always ~k 

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